Mackenzie & George Tan Leather Belt

Mackenzie & George Tan Leather Belt

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This handmade leather child's belt hails from Shropshire, UK, showcasing superior craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Crafted from premium leather and adorned with a durable brass buckle, it promises longevity and style. Ensure you select a size that will endure for years to come, as additional holes can always be added for a perfect fit as they grow.

  • 2yrs (22inches/55cm)
  • 4yrs (24inches/60cm)
  • 6yrs (26inches/65cm)
  • 8yrs (28inches/70cm)
  • 10yrs (30inches/75cm)
  • 12yrs (32inches/80cm)
  • 14yrs (34inches/85cm)

Please note there may be some marks on the belts hence the price drop.

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